Article Writing Sites That Pay Well
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Article Writing Sites That Pay Well

There aren't all that many article writing sites that pay well, but I think I have found at least one that gives you a real opportunity to make a good living from writing articles online.

There are many different article writing sites online, and the internet wouldn't be the information superhighway that it is, if it wasnt' for hundreds of thousands of people sharing their knowledge in articles.

Today, I will be telling you what I know about article writing sites that pay well. The first thing you should keep in mind, is that most of them pay in residual income, which is not to be confused with the standard method of payment, such as a day's pay for a days work.

When you have built a good residual income up, it pretty much keeps coming in, whether you write any more articles or not, so you have to remember that, when figuring out whether an article writing site is paying well or not.

The other thing to remember, is you usually get paid for views on your pages, which come mostly from a Google search, so you really have to know SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and you have to write about the subjects with a large amount of potential searchers worldwide, but without too much competition.

I have written many other articles about keyword research and building back links, so in this article, I will just tell you about the article writing sites that pay the best.


Factoidz is easily the best paid article writing site online, due to their policy of rewarding prolific and capable writers. They pay you an activity bonus, which means that the more you publish in a month, the higher your SEO rank, and the more views you get for a well paid topic, the more you get paid.

This means that serious article writers can earn a decent living, without having to wait years to build up a residual income. They do pay a residual income as well, and this can be up to $10 per thousand views, if you manage to get a high page rank and payout level.

I have made as much in my first month writing for Factoidz as I made in my first six months writing articles on other sites. I am pretty sure you won't find a better article writing site, but I will tell you about the other sites I write on.


Triond has a fairly low payment rate, but you can integrate Google Adsense as well, if you have a Google Adsense account, (I lost mine), and you can pretty much write anything you want there, which has it's benefits.

For example, I sometimes get paid to do a gig on, to write an article about someone's website, which means that I occasionally get paid an immediate four dollars, as well as residual income for the ongoing views on the page.

There are a lot of writers on Triond, and that is one good thing it has going for it, it also has do follow links, which means that it is a good place to make back links from. I make about six dollars a month there. Pathetic really, but some of the articles I've written have referral links, or affiliate links which might pay something too.


Many article writers swear by HubPages, and I guess it is pretty good if you have a Google Adsense account. They also let you monetize the page with Amazon ads, Ebay ads, and other advertisers, but personally, I haven't sold a single Amazon product.

The thing about Google Adsense, is you only get paid when you get a click on an ad, and different keywords have different values, so if you wrote an article about lawyers, you would get paid highly for clicks on the ads, but then you would have to pick an extremely unique title to be able to compete for the first page of a Google search, because there is so much competition for those highly paid keywords.

Anyway, it requires a different mind set, and I much prefer writing without the focus on keywords, except as a part of search engine optimization.


The site I wrote on before I moved to Factoidz was Bukisa, and they all of a sudden switched to using Google Adsense, and Chitika ads, and I don't think I've made a cent yet, but then it is early days.

The best thing about Bukisa was it's referral program, and I had over a thousand referrals, but I have heard they plan to scap the whole thing. It's no good for a back link either, as it's no follow. Some people like to use it to republish articles, as they allow duplicate content, but it's practically useless, so I wouldn't recommend them at all.

Anyway, I was making about $5 a day there, (now practically nothing), and it took me a year to build that, whereas I have made almost two dollars a day on average after being on Factoidz for only three weeks.

I am only actually making about twenty cents a day in residual income from my articles, (update: now a steady one dollar a day), but the activity bonus helps you get paid a good income while you build the residual income up.

I could tell you about other article writing sites like Squidoo, Ehow, Helium, etc, but I don't have much experience with those article writing sites, and didn't end up writing for them for one reason or another, such as, I don't live in the US, or they don't pay well. I would suggest you join Factoidz, if you haven't already, and if you are looking to write articles on your own site, or to make back links, you might appreciate this professional article writing service.

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Comments (22)

I've given up with Bukisa after they changed their payment methods. I'm just sticking to Factoidz and Triond. I also use Redgage to list links to my articles and upload pictures

I also use Factoidz and Triond. I also blog so I have a little too much writing at times to even experiment with other writing sites. Thank you for sharing this

I have heard of Suite101, is that any good?

I think you're right on, about Factoidz. I haven't published a lot here, but the activity bonuses are encouraging and the residual income is nice.

Very good review of all the writing sites.. I write for all the 4 sites you mentioned and agree with your reviews

Very good article. Yes, Bukisa has change there payment system so therefore you may want to update or add addendum to this article. I will see how Buisa does with using Gogle Adsense now. Thanks Sunshinelady

Useful info. Thanks

A well written article on article writing sites with perfect information.


You did great job

I really feel so.

I used to make $10 a month on Bukisa before the change without writing new articles, since the change I've made $2 but I haven't left them as I heard they keep all the articles and continue profiting from your work. Redgage is slow and not very profitable at all.

I used to make almost $200 a month on Bukisa, and now I make $2. They really screwed people by canceling the referral program and switching to Google Adsense (I use Chitika) at the same time. I've made over $60 here since switching over two months ago. It took me a year to build a dollar a day income from my articles on Bukisa before the change, so for me, there's no real comparison.

I agree, I basically make all my article money here. So have you left Bukisa or just stopped writing any more articles there?

I'm giving them a little while to get their act together, and then I might transfer my 300 articles somewhere, or I might just leave them there, because it would take too long to move them and make all the back links again. One thing I might do is find popular articles, and put in banner ads for referral links I have. At least then I'll make more advertising revenue.


Yeah well,I was with ehow for a couple of years and was making a pretty good residual income until they got rid of the wcp program.I don't understand that.If something is working well and they are profiting well from itl,Why get rid of it if it works.


That's for the practical wisdom!

I make average $120+ a month on Redgage now, since I discovered that promoting through my mass of twitter followers brings me in huge numbers of hits. This doesn't work as well for Triond or factoidz though, I don't think triond count all twitter hits, and factoidz rates are much lower


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You forgot to mention the HubPages Ad Program which pays per impression instead of per click, so it's a lot more lucrative than Adsense. I've done extremely well since this program was instituted.

A very useful article on article writing sites that pay well. I dont like Bukisa. It might work for you guys but it didnt work for me.